Valley View School Bright Light Educator Award


Cynthia Davey – Valley View School  – Bright Light Educator. She made a choice and has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to one of the most important professions in the world. Education. Over the last few decades, her caring nature, inquisitive mind, and hard work have led her on a journey across the learning spectrum; teacher, mentor, supporter, student, leader, friend…not only has she worn every hat imaginable-she has also impacted the lives of thousands of children, from pre-school to college, and beyond.  Cynthia Davey is the dream teacher.  Her love of learning, infectious.  Her motivation, unstoppable. Her belief in education, phenomenal. Mrs. Davey knows the challenges facing a parent.  As a mother, she saw the complexities each child experienced and applied those lessons as an advocate for the families she served. She has a keen mind and uses it to constantly provide her students an enriching, inspiring, and valuable education. Through her work and education, Mrs. Davey has developed a skill set that is truly amazing. Because of the diversity in her studies and teaching practice, she’s cultivated professional insights about learning that few people ever obtain. Of course, there is another part of her classroom excellence, intuition.  People might try to learn to be more intuitive or as some say it “in tune” with others.  It isn’t the same as the gift that Mrs. Davey possesses.  To some it might seem a sort of magic.  A child in need, she is right by there side.  A parent confused, she will help them understand. A student feeling lost and alone, she will guide them with love.  Like a famous character, Mrs. Davey knows just what to say or do or be.  She is the Mary Poppins of teaching in all the right ways.  Few people deserve to be Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-but this is one educator who has the perfect advise, the best smile, and the biggest heart. For her, there is always time to listen, to share, and to infuse her students with he joy of discovery.   Mrs. Davey sets a high bar for others and is a role model who is indeed a Big Sky, Bright Lights Educator of the Year.

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