Tammy Krahn, KW Harvey Bright Light Educator


Tammy Krahn started her educational path in Arkansas, before moving to Charlo, Montana as a 4th grader. She graduated from Charlo High School, growing up oin a dairy farm. She has been married to a fellow educator, Mike Krahn for 32 years.  They have two children and two grandchildren. Krahn is active in her church and enjoys family, sewing, playing the piano, and singing.  Her education continues, as she pursues the study of different instruments, currently learning the mandolin. Krahn said, “What led me to a career in education was initially because of my brother. I loved helping him with his reading. He was extremely smart at building or problem solving anything he just struggled with reading due to dyslexia.” On a daily basis inspiration comes from her faith. “My walk with Christ. He shows me daily what I need to do better and I don’t have everything figured out. He shows me that I need to slow down and see the needs of others and not be focused on my own self,” she said.


Education is a career that requires teachers who are able to find success without acclaim.  The rewards are found in a child’s achievements; measured by the growth of their mind, spirit, heart, and personality. The best teachers have a sense of purpose, a loyalty to their school, and a fair share of humility. Fortunately for Ronan, an educator who understands that role has chosen to share her talents and passion for learning with students here. Mrs. Krahn didn’t let local rivalries limit her teaching goals, graduating from Charlo, but supporting thousands of Ronan students over the last 30 years.  In her house, education comes first-if one considers that her husband, Mike is a Ronan graduate who has been teaching in Charlo for 3 decades. No house divided for them.  They support one another in their careers and entire life, raising wonderful children who also value education.

As a teacher, Mrs. Krahn translates the world of music to her children in a way that is approachable, meaningful, and inspiring. She helps her students build skills and develop an understanding about the role of music in life. Sharing her musical talents appears to come naturally, whether it is one on one, or leading a classroom. Every day she brings a connection to music for each student in a way that opens their mind and gives them a lifetime link to one of humanities’ greatest forms of expression. Watching her lead a group or share a lesson is like stepping into another place.  Her scope of knowledge, determined expression, and intellectual bond with her teaching is unforgettable. Observing her heart for education is a reflection of the best in education.

After this many years in the classroom it is still all about the kids. She said, “I love children. I love seeing their excitement when they are learning and how excited they get at trying something new. I especially love seeing them grow in knowledge with something they were initially struggling with.”

Each child who has experienced her love of learning will forever carry with them an appreciation of the power of music.  For all she has done as a teacher, Mrs. Krahn is an ideal choice to be a Big Sky, Bright Lights Educator Honoree for 2023.

Photo:Tammy (on left)

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