Polson Big Sky Bright Light Educator Award


Mr. D  Educator Award Recipient 2023

He is a teacher who brings every classroom to life, through his actions, words, and love of discovery.  He instructs students in a way that embraces individuality.  He believes in the power of one’s imagination as an ideal tool for learning.  Students share the joy of  creative excellence when experiencing a day in one of his classes. 

Some call him dramatic.  It is a term that brings him delight because if you know Mr. D., you know life is a little larger, endlessly better and always more fun when he is around. Bob is all energy.  He is that guy.  The one who radiates fire just by his presence.  But it is the good kind of fire.  The bright, shining, singing, uplifting, inspiring, tireless sort of fuel everyone wishes they had.  He is a gigantic thermos of the most delightful energy drink.  The healthy sort.  No artificial substances involved.

I’m so happy to be part of the honoring for Bob, as he is someone I’ve respected and admired for many years.  In that time, I’ve had the chance to share a real stage with him, and found the moments of theatrics we’ve had together to be times of pure exhilaration and happiness.  I know Bob from that world and cherish the memories.

But hearing about his classroom magic. I decided the best way to highlight why he is such a deserving recipient of this education award was to go to a source.  So, I got the scoop from a former student of Mr. D.

This is what I heard. “He is fun.  All the time.  I like him because I laugh, and I learn.  Who can say that?  He taught me so much.  I never wanted to leave his classroom.  Mr. D. is a friend. Like a real one. I think of him often and wish I was still in his classroom.  It felt safe.  Mr. D helps everyone.  You don’t feel stupid with him.  Like you can do it.  You can do anything.  I know I will always remember him and his class.  I hope he knows that.”

For years, he has been a model of the best in education, lighting the path for hundreds of students; opening their minds to new worlds, endless possibilities, and the power of knowledge.  Congratulations Bob on receiving this award for being an outstanding educator.  You deserve it. 

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