Peggy Rowe, KW Harvey Bright Light Educator


Peggy Rowe was born in Culbertson and was raised in Lewistown, MT, home of the mighty Fergus Golden Eagles. Peg went to one semester of college to become a teacher at Eastern Montana College in Billings, now MSU-B, and then left school to marry her husband Mark and raise her family. They have five children and their spouses, 17+ grandchildren, two great-grandsons, and a new great-granddaughter due in April.  Her favorite family time is Nana Camp Week at her house in July, when she gets all the grands and they are off for a week of adventure, learning, crafts and love.

Mrs. Rowe states “my students inspire me to learn something new every day and to laugh. I love knowing all the family relationships of my students, too. It’s such an honor to teach the children of my former students.  I love my job because I get to work with the most amazing, talented, and caring people in the state of Montana. Ronan is simply the best place to teach!”


She is a Montana gal from head to toe. Her appreciation of history, culture, diversity, exploration, reading, family, and the place we all call home, make her an ideal educator.  Her deep commitment to the classroom, phenomenal. Her understanding of the learning process, exceptional. Her love of the children she teaches, unlimited. As a mother and grandmother, she gets the realities facing the parents of her children.  She knows the challenges. With a calm and empathetic style, she sooths parents worries and helps them navigate the uncertainty of raising a child.  Her awareness of others and gentle manner have made Peggy Rowe a gift to the K. William Harvey family for three decades. With the guidance of mentors, Joan Graham and Carey Swanberg, Mrs. Rowe completed her own educational journey in 2012 by graduating from college, showing everyone that she is indeed a lifelong learner.

Her approach to instruction is built around teaching children life lessons that complement their academic endeavors. On the first day of school, Mrs. Rowe teaches some math, reading, and other subjects, but to her the most important job is to teach her students to be kind and caring people. They practice being kind together for 180 days each year, and she believes that makes the greatest difference in their lives. She has said, “I love it when my kids get “the heart part!” In todays world, the positive and compassionate example she presents, is so needed and very, very important for their entire life.

One of her former 3rd grade students shared his memory about how Mrs. Rowe always lined them up after recess and sang the “Montana song” down the hall. He said, “she always made every day fun to learn, especially science and math.” He added, “When I go over from the high school to mentor or read to the kids she greets me with a hello, a big hug and she always makes us feel special.”

His story is but one, reflecting the power of connection. Thousands of young minds have learned from her beautiful and affirming style. Her lessons are timeless. Her impact on the future of these young people immeasurable and make it clear why she is a Big Sky, Bright Lights Educator Honoree for 2023.

Pictures of K William Harvey Elementary Bright light Educators:
from left to right: Tammy Krahn Peggy Rowe, Barnaby Smith

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