Desiree Alexander from Cherry Valley, Educator Award


This lady is known for her contagious joy and inviting smile.  As a mother, she understands the challenges every parent faces in a modern world filled with constant change and expanding technology. It is an unpredictable place and the realities of the pandemic only reinforced the fact that some things we simply can’t control.  And that is where her greatest gift, and the one that daily enriches the lives of the students she supports, comes into play-her gift of optimism.  Optimism is a force that can overcome the worst day, the hardest week, or even perhaps, a couple of the toughest years on record. Desiree Alexander is that force. She wears optimism better than almost anyone else.  An optimist, like Mrs. Alexander gets the complexities of life.  In her warm and wonderful and embracing way-she is also a realist.  Life has taught her that the joy of life is often the sweetest, after facing a bump in the road.  For the children she assists each day, they are better because she gets them. She gets their discovery. She gets their pain.  She gets their wonder. She gets their joy.  She gets their brilliance. Most of all she sees the possibility for each one of them.  A tomorrow as an artist or a teacher or musician.  A future mother.  A prospective father.  A beautiful spirit taking off in life.  Mrs. Alexander is the person every parent hopes will be there for their child.  Her heart is always open and that makes her the ideal choice to be one of the Big Sky, Bright Lights Educator Honorees for 2023.

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