Charlo Big Sky Bright Light Educator Award


Congratulations to Mindy Cox! She has a commitment to education and a passion for teaching that have served the students of the Charlo community for nearly three decades. During that time, this excellent instructor has received a master’s degree, raised a full house, and supported the academic success of thousands of students.  Mrs. Cox is the sort of educator who never calls attention to herself-it is all about the student. Whether leading a discussion, exploring writing challenges, working with the deep questions of academic bowl, or connecting with other educators; she shows class, empathy, and intelligence.  Her direct engagement with each child she supports, is inspiring.  Observing her in a classroom, it is clear her mind and her heart are fully on board.  Educators are the backbone of any society.  Their efforts define the thinking, critical skills, and personal success of new generations.  Mrs. Cox’s drive for learning has had a positive influence on several generations-in the best way possible, as well as entire families. As a teacher she is the ideal.  Knowing someone like her, reminds us all of the power of learning and the need for teachers who have a passion for their profession.  It also highlights that teaching is a gift and fortunately for this community, the gift of Mrs. Cox has been empowering students for a long, long time.  There is no question that Mrs. Cox is deserving of recognition as a 2023 Big Sky Bright Light Educator Award.

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