Big Sky, Bright Light Award – St.Ignatius Elementary


Colleen Frey (left in picture) Big Sky Bright Light Educator pictured with St.Ignatius Elementary Principal Chantell Moore. Colleen is being honored with the Big Sky, Bright Light Award!

Growing up in the Mission Valley has given this educator an understanding of the needs of the community, the people, the culture, and most importantly, the children. She is attuned to the diversity of the area and what that can mean to young minds.  One size does not fit all and she knows what that means in the classroom. Following her mother’s footsteps in education, this outstanding teacher has been positively impacting the lives of others for three decades.  In the classroom, she models a positive and supportive style that is encouraging to every child.  Whatever the topic or curriculum need, she is on top of it. Her energy and dedication have touched the lives of hundreds of people. Throughout her long career she has been a mentor to others and a champion for the underdog.  Colleen Frey is a truly wonderful educator and deserving of a Big Sky, Bright Lights Award. 

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