Kathi Gibbons

Details matter. To a child, those details, reflected by simple acts, genuine engagement, and unconditional support are priceless.

Remembering what is important to them. Recognizing their struggles.

Celebrating each day. Honoring every moment. Never forgetting the value and impact of words. Details matter and that is vital to anyone in education. Nothing can be taken for granted.

A child’s foundation is built by those who take the time, who share their talents, who believe in learning. Kathi Gibbons has shown that with the right focus and sense of purpose, one’s mission can also be one’s passion. She is hardworking, energetic, and fearless in her pursuit of success for the children in her class.

Over the years, she has helped create a positive lifetime trajectory for so many students. Her desire to make a difference is clear and for that she is being recognized as a Nig Sky Brights Lights honoree.