Dixon Bright Light Educator

Children know. They just do. When they see an adult who will be a friend or an
advocate or a coach. They know. They connect. They listen. They respond.
Everyone loves that connection. But it doesn’t come easily to all adults. In fact, it
can be very challenging. For others it is a gift. Something deep in their soul. Those
people are the ones who can connect with a child no matter what might be
happening in their world. Smiling. Listening. Playing. Laughing. Did I say playing?
Perhaps, it is that those adults who have this gift, are still just a little bit of a kid
themselves. Call it intuition. Call it genuine. Call it real. Kyler truly does an amazing job as an educator, because he lets his heart guide his actions. Enthusiasm. Hope. Encouragement. On any given day, his passion for teaching can be seen in the eyes of his students. He forms a
connection that is meaningful, helping students to achieve, while recognizing the
emotional rollercoaster they face in this constantly changing world. Mr. Rutz
believes in the power of learning and has made it his mission to find the perfect
formula for success with every child he teaches. He goes the distance for his
student and does it with the biggest smile in the world. For his dedication and
commitment to children, Mr. Rutz is recognized today as a Big Sky, Brights Lights
Outstanding Educator.

Kyler is originally from Bremerton, WA, and moved to Ronan when he was 12 to live near family
here, and have lived in the area since. Kyler attended SKC out of high school in 2010 and
received his associates in psychology. He took a break from school when had my son and
daughter and went back in 2016 to join the education program there. Kyler graduated in 2019
and began his teaching career here in Dixon. Kyler enjoys his job for the fact that he has the
opportunity to impact lives positively, and he is always striving to be a constant and supportive
presence in their lives. Not only in their academics, but sports and other activities out of school
as well. Kyler also coaches track and cross-country and helps drive the basketball players to
Mission to play for their school. This is also where he feels he makes a difference. Kyler
believes that going beyond the curriculum and establishing strong and trusting relationships with each of his students is the key to making a difference in the classroom. Kyler wants to ensure that each student leaves his classroom not just more knowledgeable but also more confident in their value and abilities, equipped with the skills they’ll need to face future challenges.