Bonnie Peterson

Bonnie Petersen, a veteran educator with two decades of service in the Polson School District, stands as a beacon of inspiration and excellence in the field of education. Nominated for the Big Sky Bright Lights Educator Award, Mrs. Petersen’s unwavering dedication and innovative approach to teaching have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless students who have been so lucky to walk into her classroom. Beyond her role in the classroom, she has served as a mentor and source of inspiration for her fellow educators, embodying the very essence of what it means to be a transformative force in education. In the school and the community, Bonnie takes action to improve the lives of families and children, serving on the Young Child Wellness Council and supporting programming to get kids moving. She shows respect for all people and offers kindness wherever she goes. Her tireless efforts and commitment to student success make her a truly deserving honoree for this esteemed recognition.